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Sylvia Park Lifestyle

Sylvia Park Lifestyle is Auckland’s most prominent large format retailing centre, home to Spotlight, Freedom Furniture, Torpedo7 and 13 other great retailers.

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Key features

Located on a prominent site adjacent to Auckland's southern motorway, Sylvia Park Lifestyle is a large format retail complex constructed in 2011. Situated opposite our flagship Sylvia Park shopping centre, it rounds out a great retail offer in the precinct.

Easy access

Accessible by train, bus, car and taxi.

Superb location

50% of Auckland's population lives within a 20 minute drive.

High visibility

Seen by more than 180,000 drivers every day.

Large format offer

A great range of furniture, sporting goods and furnishings.

Key facts

Centre type Large format
Date acquired (constucted 2011) Dec-14
Last refurbished n/a
Net lettable area (sqm) 16,536
Tenants (no.) 16
Carparks (no.) 393
FY16 net rental income ($m)¹ 4.9
Occupancy (%) 100.0
Weighted average lease (years) 3.6
Valuation ($m) 70.0
Capitalisation rate (%)¹ 6.50
10-year internal rate of return (%)¹ 8.30
FY16 total sales ($m)¹ As a matter of course tenants do not report sales
¹ As at 31 March 2016

Statistics as at 30 September 2016 unless otherwise stated


Sylvia Park Lifestyle

393 Mount Wellington Highway
Mount Wellington

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Who's at Sylvia Park Lifestyle?

Sylvia Park (Lifestyle) is the place to go in Auckland to buy all your bulky goods needs including furniture, furnishings, homewares and sporting goods with key retailers including Freedom Furniture, Spotlight and Torpedo7.




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Our Centre Manager

To speak to our Centre Manager, please contact:

Lauren Riley
Centre Manager

+64 9 573 4390
+64 21 807 841

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We're passionate about providing exceptional spaces for retailers to flourish. If you are looking for great retailing space at Sylvia Park (Lifestyle), contact our leasing team today.

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