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One of New Zealand’s largest enclosed shopping centres, Northlands has been servicing its Christchurch catchment for more than 40 years. This single-level regional shopping centre has been progressively redeveloped over many years to meet demand and demographic shifts. It provides an outstanding mix of tenants, drawing more than 300,000 customers from within a 15-minute driving radius.

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Key features

Outstanding mix

Quality shopping options with more than 120 specialty retailers on offer.

Strong demographic

Northlands draws more than 300,000 customers from within a 15-minute driving radius.

Plenty of parking

More than 1,700 carparking spaces are provided.

Key facts

Ownership interest (%) 100
Centre type Regional
Date acquired (constructed 1967) Mar-94/Mar-98
Last refurbished/redeveloped 2012
Net lettable area (sqm) 41,571
Tenants (no.) 121
Carparks (no.) 1,752
Net operating income ($m) 19.6
Occupancy (%) 98.5
Weighted average lease term (years) 2.9
Valuation ($m) 248.5
Capitalisation rate (%) 7.25
10-year internal rate of return (%) 9.19
Total sales ($m) 298.5
Specialty sales (sales/sqm) 9,800
Specialty GOC (%) 13.8

Statistics as at 31 March 2017 unless otherwise stated



55 Main North Road
Christchurch 8052

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Who's at Northlands?

Northlands offers a full range of fashion, entertainment, giftware, services and convenience with more than 120 retail stores including The Warehouse, PAK’nSAVE, Farmers, Countdown and Hoyts Cinemas.






Department stores and discount department stores





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Vicki Bain
Centre Manager

+64 3 352 1603
+64 21 545 158

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