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Centre Place – North

Centre Place – North combines with Centre Place – South as the Hamilton CBD’s destination for food, fashion and entertainment.  The centre features both Lido and METRO by Hoyts cinema complexes, together with a good range of national  and international  retailers.

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Key features

Centre Place - North is one of the most heavily trafficked destinations in the Hamilton CBD, with its retail offer complemented by a great range of indoor and outdoor dining options.

Great entertainment

Lido and METRO by Hoyts both operate cinema complexes at Centre Place.

Plenty to eat

Huge variety of food offered in an outdoor dining lane and an indoor foodcourt.

High foot traffic

Over 5.5 million people pass through the centre each year.

Key facts

Centre type CBD
Date acquired (constructed 1985) Dec-94
Last refurbished 2011
Net lettable area (sqm) 15,791
Tenants (no.) 77
Carparks (no.) 556
FY16 net rental income ($m)¹ 7.8
Occupancy (%) 92.3
Weighted average lease term (years) 3.3
Valuation ($m) 66.7
Capitalisation rate (%)¹ 8.75
10-year internal rate of return (%)¹ 9.76
FY16 total sales ($m)¹ 58.5
Specialty sales ($/sqm)¹ 5,400
Specialty gross occupancy cost (%)¹ 17.1
¹ As at 31 March 2016

Statistics as at 30 September 2016 unless otherwise stated


Centre Place – North

501 Victoria Street
Hamilton 3024

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Who's at Centre Place – North?

Centre Place is the retail heart of Hamilton, home to Farmers’ only CBD department store and a wide variety of national and international retailers, along with a great cinema and dining offer. Key retailers include Farmers, METRO by Hoyts and Lido Cinemas.










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Our Centre Manager

To speak to our Centre Manager, please contact:

Maureen Pearce
Centre Manager

+64 7 839 8565
+64 21 978 034

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